For our Sales Accelerator, pricing is based on an annual platform fee + user licenses. For our Marketing Accelerator pricing is based on an annual platform fee + usage tiers. (See below for feature descriptions)

Intelligent Demo Automation Platform
  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Unlimited Video Streaming
  • Intelligent Video Personalization Engine
  • Intelligent Document Personalization Engine
  • Demolytics Tracking and Dashboards
  • Open and Sharing Tracking and Notification
  • Security and Confidentiality Module
Rapid Demo Authoring
  • Unlimited Demos
  • Screen Recorder and Editor
  • Personalized Demo Builder
  • Advanced Branching Demo Builder
  • Document Library Builder
  • Choose Your Branding Theme and Colors
  • Upload Your Logo
  • Integrate Your Live Chat
  • Create Custom Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons
Sales Accelerator
  • Sales Team Management Dashboard and Analytics
  • Send Demos by Email or CRM
  • Gmail and Outlook Plug-ins
  • Demolytics Tracking and Heat Maps
  • Buying Group Analysis Dashboard
  • Automated Notification Tracking System
  • Prospect Engagement Indicator
  • Confidentiality Management
  • Integrate With Your CRM
Marketing Accelerator
  • Website Conversion Acceleration
  • Lead Conversion Optimization Tools
  • Lead Alert Notifications
  • Hot Lead Qualification Indicators
  • Integrated Call to Actions
  • Integrate With Marketing Automation Tools, Open API
  • Lead Engagement Demolytics® and Heat Maps
  • Customized Contact Forms
  • Web to Lead Integration
Channel Accelerator
  • All Sales Accelerator Features
  • Parent / Partner Account Hierarchy and Management
  • Unlimited Partner Sub Accounts
  • Unlimited Partner Users (reps)
  • Partner Activity Dashboard
  • Partner Demo Management
  • Rolled Up Partner Demolytics
  • Partner Demolytics Drill Down

We have specific integrations for these CRM and Marketing Automation tools:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot

We have integrations with almost all other CRM and Marketing Automation tools through:

  • Web to Lead Integration (for posting new leads and engagement data into the CRM or marketing automation tool)
  • Mail Merge Universal Links (for creating customer personalized links at scale inside email campaigns or SDR tools such as Outreach, Velocify, SalesLoft, and others)
  • Public API (for creating custom integrations with CRM and marketing automation)
  • Zapier (for connecting to almost any other platform so you can send and track custom video demos automatically; for example, sending a demo to each registrant after signing up on GoToWebinar)


We’d like to meet with you to discuss how demo automation can help you enable your buyers and drive growth. Where do you think Consensus can deliver the most value…Sales, Marketing, Pre-sales, or Channel? We’d like to discuss this and other questions and provide you a quote that meets your needs.

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