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Are Presales demos an efficient sales process?

Any business that sells highly technical products or services in a B2B setting likely uses Presales, but you may not recognize the name. While Presales is the name of the department, the practitioners are often called Solution Consultants (SC) or Sales...

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Digitization Vastly Improves the B2B Pre-sales Cycle

What should companies understand about digitization? Why the B2B industry should embrace digitization How B2B suppliers can successfully digitize their companies   Both B2B and B2C companies have entered the digital era. The digitization of businesses has dramatically...

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Digitizing B2B Companies Can Make Sales Soar

How does digitization impact your sales team?   Why B2B sales teams have a harder time now than ever before How successful B2B suppliers can digitize to turn the tide   B2B companies have been investing in digitizing back-office operations such as administrative...

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Choice Isn’t Always a Better Thing

What’s new in the B2B sales landscape? The Sales Cloud Understanding the Sales Process Focusing on Personalization   B2B sales hasn't always been easy. Even when there are countless sales enablement tools available online, it’s still difficult to truly do and master....

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Buyer Enablement — Keep the Conversation Going

What should you keep in mind when integrating buyer enablement into your sales process? The sales process has changed Trust is key Keep the conversation going   It’s no secret that some or most of the previous strategies concerning sales and marketing no longer work...

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