Effective Sales and Marketing: A Guide to Choosing the Right Sales Enablement Tools

Effective Sales and Marketing - A Guide to Choosing the Right Sales Enablement Tools

Making a sale in this day and age should consist of a well-thought-of process which puts the buyer’s journey at the helm of the criteria to be followed. Sales enablement tools are part of an effective sales playbook that allows your business to stay competitive and relevant in your chosen market. Methods to increase sales and revenue have become more innovative since its traditional beginning.

These days, it’s not all about making a sale but rather how the sales process became tangible. As previously mentioned, the buyer’s journey is treated in high regard and sales enablement tools make this possible.

Sales training, sales operation and customer relationship management (CRM), encompasses the very reason that sales enablement tools exist. In Business-to-business (B2B) sales environment, you have to optimize transactions to satisfy prospects with the right content that would become the solution to their sales needs. In sales, inefficient processes for sales teams translate to wasted opportunities instead of more closed deals.

This is where sales enablement comes in. If the team is equipped with the right content based on the situation of their prospects and the specific requirement that has been presented. It is important to acquire knowledge about sales enablement because this would lead to sales productivity that will cause a smooth process in the sales funnel.

To do that, find out the vital sales enablement tools which will generate sales and revenue for your business. You will find information about this process below so you can utilize it the next time you form an effective sales strategy.

What is Sales Enablement?

What is Sales Enablement

The process of providing sales organizations with essential information, content, and tools that help in having a successful buying process all boils down to sales enablement. It is a vital process in engaging buyers in the steps of the sales funnel as smoothly as the team can do.

It is a collection of tasks and tools that are made to improve the execution of key sales activities. This includes making sales calls, pursuing opportunities, managing major accounts, and targeting top prospects.

Sales enablement is an ongoing process which equips the sales team with the right set of tools, content, and processes which will open the gateway in making a sale. By efficiently implementing the connection of team to the content produced in order to reach leads. It can also be a complementary process to buyer enablement which focuses on an understanding of how the buyer identifies their problem and the process provides them with access to resources in return.

Traditionally, sales enablement focuses on the seller’s organization or internal functions which translates to his process integration and performance. This forms a connection across the selling systems which makes the buyer’s journey proceed with ease.

Sales and marketing in terms of sales enablement ensure that the individuals seeking solutions will find the right resources at the right time. As the sales enablement process is implemented, the sales team should have a wide understanding on the product or service that they want to sell in order for this to be projected by the proper sales enablement tools.

Searching for the most appropriate tools which will move their prospect relationship further would be challenging for the team but a well-educated effort on integrating the most effective methods in closing deals and sharing this knowledge to the rest of your organization will complete the solution as efficiently as possible.

This is where sales enablement connects to the buyer enablement where the buyer’s perspective is put into the equation. The materials that your sales and marketing teams produce should have content and resources that are compelling to the buyer.

The whole process would be a firm foundation of the core goal of the sales team if they are prepared, equipped, and with a trained attention to moving forward with the purchase decision.

What are Sales Enablement Tools?

What are Sales Enablement Tools

To achieve an efficient sales enablement, you would need the right tools for it. Knowing these tools will be your business’ edge in translating leads to prospects, and targets for sales. The sales funnel—which refers to the buying process that organizations lead customers through when purchasing products—is aptly met with sales enablement.

Here are some of the sales enablement tools that you may use for the perusal of your sales and marketing teams which spell out big benefits for the whole organization as well.

  • Quick Reference Stats List

Stat sheets are a big asset for salespeople and this is because people tend to trust statistics and figures more than they do for proposals. There are cases when a buyer becomes too hesitant to avail of a product because proposals can be outrageous and too good to be true.

Prospective buyers aim for certainty, and a salesperson can utilize this tool to deliver that for them. A list of well-organized and credible statistics is more effective than a long list of promises that will put the sale in jeopardy.

Statistics have the ability to eliminate subjectivity. Instead, it provides a gateway of trust between the seller and the buyer. This tool will give you instant credibility and whatever industry, product, and challenge you have, this will give you a head start in making a sale whether you are a senior or a newbie salesperson.

  • Story-Driven Case Studies

As Quick Reference Stats List is about numbers, story-driven case studies are about people. The act of storytelling in the industry of sales automation gives off an authenticity that will make it irresistible to buyers. Now, this is not just all fiction and fantasy, because storytelling in sales aim to make prospects understand why your product is recognized and how it contributed to the delight of previous customers.

Case studies should end with credible and impressive statistics; it should not be an overwhelming display that will come off as an insensitive excuse to brag about your sales target being met. Revise the flow of the case study if this is so. It should be written with a purpose not only shared widely.

Enhancing the sales team credibility through this enablement tool will only bring more excellent results and this is why producing case studies should be incorporated into the sales onboarding. Make sure that your case study is also easily accessible and searchable to your prospects.

  • Create Well-Produced, Bite-Sized Videos

Videos are responsible for over 74% of all internet traffic, and most people would rather watch a video rather than read a text. Statistics show that 59% of executives would be open for a possibility of acquiring a product when its benefits are produced into a visual. This is why videos are extremely valuable for people who aim to get the attention of a wide-range audience and high-ranking executives.

Demo videos are made for this very purpose. A bite-sized video with an approximate running time of 1-3 minutes, would be an effective tool in having an impact on prospects’ curiosity and it will lead to them asking about a product. Having that kind of opportunity after a demo video has been screened means that prospects turn into leads.

The good thing about this tool is that you can also integrate the other tools that were mentioned here. It will be a channel for the sales team to display relevant statistics, authentic case-studies, and deliver appropriate intel to achieve an effective sales enablement program.

This tool is ideal especially in the fast-paced lifestyle of people nowadays, as videos are a passive activity and an informative one at the same tie. It will improve sales outreach and tap into a wider range of market which spells large gains for your company.

  • Deliver Competitive Intel

Salespeople cannot travel in the industry without running into competitors. There are many questions that they would be eager to know what products are the competitors planning to release or is the company at par with them. The sales team would be even more confident with the answer to these question so that they will have a steady hold on where they stand in the sales enablement or buyer enablement journey.

Outlining the competitor’s weaknesses and strengths, suggestions for a solid sales strategy, and links to customer dissatisfaction from the product of a competitor—these are the formula to an active and effective intel.

Employing this tool will be a cause of having steady revenue increase because this will result in passionate teams and better alignment in the organization.

Things to Look for in Sales Enablement Tools

Things to Look for in Sales Enablement Tools

Many platforms are emerging in front of organizations’ eyes and this would be difficult in terms of the selection of the appropriate sales tools that would work for them. Knowing the criteria of having effective tools for your sales and marketing would be a step-up over the competitor who is unable to be fully-equipped with the same knowledge. To maintain the lead in the revenue-generating race, there are considerations that are important contributors to the decision-making process.

Here are the key factors that you should remember when you are considering which solution you are going to invest in:

  • Ease of Use

A sales enablement tool should be easy to use and understand to prevent troubleshooting efforts which can be the cause of time-delay and loss of profit. If the tool is difficult to understand, you would be spending a lot of time training your team which will distract them from contacting leads.

Of course, proficiency in the tool does not come instantly but the whole process should be straightforward and not a vague training course.

  • Integration

The platform you should choose should seamlessly integrate with the tools that you are used every day in operations. The tool that you choose must be aligned with your CRM and it should not compromise data security, data storage, and other important aspects.

The integration of the tool should be fast and convenient so as not to take time away from lead generation and prospect engagement.

  • Company Goals

Each tool that is found on the market has its strength but the right ones will be the cause of strength of your company. Content management paired with the right tool will be a cause for improvement of your sales strategy which will be the perfect solution to the specific business needs of the clients.

Productivity Results and Long-Term Benefits through Sales Enablement Tools

Choosing the right sales enablement tools will produce more benefits than the results of the buyer’s engagement with it. It can increase collaboration between departments which will stem from its processes reducing the gap between these branches and allow them to function as a team. Sharing data and intelligence through these tools will lead to a great opportunity to resonate with the prospects’ needs.

Sales enablement also provides a practical way to keep in touch with the buyers. Having a sales enablement strategy will help the team distinguish themselves from the competition because they can nurture leads and provide information that will cater to their needs even after the transaction has long been completed. This is a great factor in relationship building.

Not to mention that sales enablement tools also make the sales process customizable because buyers would want to approach you at any point in the buyer’s journey which gives you complex possibilities in making a sale. A good sales enablement practice will provide avenues for learning and not only a seller-buyer relationship among the group.

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