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Panel: To Discovery and Beyond

Panel: To Discovery and Beyond

By popular demand, our intrepid presales gurus are back for round two! In this session, they’ll tackle DISCOVERY, with an emphasis on remote strategies and best practices.

We are also super excited to welcome Julie Hansen to the panel! You can read more about Julie below.

This session will include another extended Q&A, so have those questions ready!

Panel: Remote Presales Strategies

Panel: Remote Presales Strategies

In this webinar, join our panel of presales gurus and thought leaders as we discuss remote presales strategies. Presales professionals also pose questions to our experts in an open Q&A session.

Scaling Presales Webinar: 8 Proven Strategies

Scaling Presales Webinar: 8 Proven Strategies

Scale Presales: Explore 8 strategies to boost coverage and customer experience with existing head count. Sales engineers are extremely high-value sales assets with difficult training requirements. Learn to scale your efforts and maximize live interactions with these proven strategies.

Case Studies

Oracle Solution Consultants

SaaS (Presales)

Over $738,462 saved on one team in 1 year.

Closed deals as large as $75K without a live demo.

Enterprise Customer

SaaS (Sales)

68% reduction to sales cycle.

27% increase in close rate in first 90 days.

IBM Solution Consultants

Server Hardware

67% of target orgs watched a demo

Discovered 59 decision makers

Micro Focus

SaaS (Marketing)

$3M pure pipeline generated

77% conversion rate over 10 months


SaaS (Marketing)

PRM solution sees 10x increase in leads

Tailored persona messaging


SaaS (Sales & Mktg)

Increase qualified leads from the website

Discover, educate, and engage the buying group

Torch LMS

SaaS (Sales & Mktg)

Converted leads at 11%

Better qualified live demos


B2B Sales (Events)

3X Conversion Rates

21 hrs 14m engagement

[Your Org Here]

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Scaling Presales: 8 Strategies to Boost Coverage

Eight strategies to boost coverage and customer experience with existing sales engineering headcount

Essential Guide to Giving the Perfect Sales Demo

More than fundamentals, learn how to personalize your approach to each stakeholder.


2020 Sales Engineer Compensation and Workload Report

We surveyed over 460 participants, including both leaders and practitioners of sales engineering, primarily from software companies, about their salaries and workload. Most responses came from North America and Europe.

This report includes visualizations of and brief commentary about the results. The areas explored in this report include:

  • Base salary for sales engineers and presales leaders
  • OTE (On Target Earnings) for sales engineers and presales leaders
  • AE:SE Ratios
  • Demo Lag Time
  • Sale Engineer Training Time
  • Hours Per Demo
  • Demos Per Week Per SE
  • Unqualified Demos
  • Demos Per Deal
  • Delegating Demos to Sales
  • Using Demo Automation
  • Presales KPIs


Buyer Enablement: A Modern Approach to B2B Selling

Equip your champion(s) and they’ll do the selling for you.

Essential Guide to Shortening Sales Cycles

Why sales cycles have increased 22% over the last 5 years and what to do about it.

The Agile Sales Tech Stack

A guide to growth through leveraging key core and emerging technologies


The Scaling Presales Webinar Series

The Buyer Enablement Webinar Series

Buyer Enablement

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