How It Works

Explore the mechanics of demo automation as well as how to create, send, and track Interactive Demos.

Mechanics of Demo Automation

Learn how Interactive Demos adapt to each viewer.



Creating an Interactive Demo

Presales can create their first demo in less than 1 hour.


Sending and tracking demos

Unlock the power of Demolytics™ dashboards & insights.


Mechanics of Demo Automation

Viewers identify their priorities

With a few clicks, viewers indicate which topics or features most interest them.

The demo can change with every view depending on the selections.


Consensus builds the demo

The video demo is not only tailored to the topics selected, but the length of each clip shown is adjusted to match the interest level of the viewer.

Add the relevant documents to accompany each topic.

Viewers spend less time searching and more time deciding. In fact, interactive video demos are shown to engage at rates 4x those of static video.


Creating an Interactive Demo

Build an Interactive Demo in <1hr

Choose your topics, record it, upload your clips, and send it. Leverage your existing content or use our bundled toolset to easily record new clips.

Record your clips

You can use your existing content or record a new demo using the robust toolset we provide.

Research confirms that the most effective content is not overproduced or “sales-y”. Ditch the animation and present just as you would in a live demo.

Learn more about what kind of content is proven to engage best.

Upload clips and documents

You’ll upload two clips for each topic: a full-length clip and a summary clip. Optionally, you can add an Intro clip as well.

Add your logo, upload supporting documents, define a Call To Action, and more.

If you’re a Consensus user, this handy little Chrome add-on lets you record one-off videos straight from your browser.

Create a library of reusable FAQ demos, or walk your prospects through a pricing proposal or ROI calculation.

Then send and track them with the same powerful Demolytics™ you get from an interactive video demo.

Download the Consensus SNAP plug-in

Send & Track Interactive Demos

Send and Track

Send demos from within your favorite email client or from within one of our integrations such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

You’ll enjoy down-to-the-second engagement data, share tracking, conversion rates, and more.

Reveal the Buying Group

Consensus interactive video demos get shared.

And every time they get shared, names, titles and email addresses are fed back to your team. Watch as awareness and momentum spreads throughout the organization.

You’ll see engagement stats, priorities, and additional shares from every member of the Buying Group.

Aggregate Demolytics™

Micro vs Macro

Reach beyond the tactical benefits of tracking individual deals and harness the bigger data. View aggregate statistics over time to analyze which topics are getting the most traction.