Selling is Hard. Buying is harder.

How Buyer Enablement Drives Digital Sales and Shortens the Sales Cycle

by Garin Hess


About the book

Garin Hess, the Founder and CEO of Consensus, points out that when it comes to B2B sales effectiveness, the real challenge for salespeople is to get better at understanding and facilitating their customers’ buying group and buying process.

Sales teams can shorten sales cycles and increase close rates by learning to equip their champion—the people promoting their solution inside the target account—by using the DEEP-C™ buyer enablement framework: Discover, Equip, Engage, Personalize, and Coach. This book guides sales leaders and professionals through the process of moving from a sales-focused approach to a buyer enablement model.

“…a fresh and  compelling approach to winning the complex sale… B2B buyer behaviors are changing, and Garin’s buyer enablement methodology makes it easier to buy and accelerates the buying process. Every software sales and presales professional should understand and apply the principles in this book.”

– Jonathan Temple, Operating Partner at The Riverside Company and Former CEO at HEAT Software

“Garin has elegantly flipped the buyer and seller paradigm. The approach not only empowers your customer champion to do the complex internal sale for you, but it also creates more personalized, lasing business solutions.”

– Kevin O’Brien, Global VP Presales and Virtual Experience at SAP

“Garin Hess captures the essence of modern buyer enablement with actionable, evidence-based steps that put the customer’s problem, not your product, at the heart of your sales strategy.”

– Alastair Woolcock, Gartner Research & Advisory


In the book, the Appendix mentions several things you can download, including:

  • Buying Group Map
  • Map of Needed Information at Buying Stages
  • Questions/Objections by Role
  • Risks to Consider and Mitigation Strategies
  • Social Proof by Stakeholder Role, Segment, Use Case
  • Implementation Guide
  • Buyer Enablement Sales Training Deck
  • Self-Directed Automated Video Demo

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