Solutions for Presales

Scale Presales


It can take as long as two years to mint a fully capable presales rep.

Product knowledge, industry fluency, demo skills – all of these take time.

Meanwhile, sales teams expand practically on-demand, requiring capable presales reps to support more and more AEs.

Or worse, demos are back-logged, extending sales cycles and killing crucial momentum.


Automate repetitive presales functions with  interactive video demos.


Save SCs 10 Hours Per Week

Using interactive video demos to better qualify live demos and cover repetitive questions, Solution Consultants can easily shave 10 hours off of their weekly schedules. 

Valuable presales resources are freed up to focus on crafting high-leverage solutions and answering more specific customer questions.


Reveal stakeholders (including contact info) when your demo is shared

You read that right.

When your champion shares your demo within their organization, each recipient is fed back to your team, including their name, title, and email address.

You’ll also see all of their engagement data including priorities, view times, and subsequent shares.

Scale Down-Market

Scale Down-Market

Down-market opportunities can present a target-rich environment but smaller deal sizes put the squeeze on profitability.

And with sales teams scaling more quickly than presales teams, how do you get a demo to every prospect that needs one?

Trying to apply traditional presales practices can extend sales cycles and crush margins.


High-Touch, High-Volume

Demo to every customer and preserve your bottom line by automating the most repetitive client interactions with interactive video demos.

Customers have closed deals as large as $75K without ever booking a live demo.

Individual Deal Size

Qualify Live Demos

How often is a presales demo wasted?

Prospects want demos, and they don’t always reveal the details that might disqualify them.

Interactive video demos provide a data-driven method of qualifying prospects based upon buyer behavior.

Qualify Live Demos

Send out an interactive demo before booking a live demo with presales.

Then track key behaviors such as:

  1. How long they’ve watched
  2. Stakeholders with whom they’ve shared the demo, including contact info
  3. Which topics they reported as most and least important


Not only will you automate repetitive and time-consuming interactions, but prospects who watch a demo come to the table better educated and ready to talk specifics.

Presales reps are also forearmed with insight into the priorities and engagement of each stakeholder.

A/B tests revealed a 68% reduction in sales cycle when implementing interactive video demos.


Shorter Sales Cycle

*A/B test performed on a random sample of prospects where half received an interactive video demo and half did not.

“If [a prospect] won’t even watch an interactive demo, how real can they be?”

Tod Goulds

Senior Director, Oracle

Beyond Presales

Can you use Interactive Demos for more than presales? Absolutely!


Reduce sales cycles by 68%.

Empower your champion while you reveal and engage the buying group with Interactive Demos.

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Convert leads at 4x industry rates.

Track engagement, sharing, priorities, and more before you ever engage in person.

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Channel Development

Empower partners while keeping them on message with Interactive Demos.

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