Engage multiple stakeholders with instant video for B2B sales.

Record, Send, and Track personalized video in seconds. Record your screen, your webcam, or both.

All from a simple Chrome plug-in.

Fast Personalized Video

To a Personalized Landing Page

Engagement and Sharing

Record Anything On Your Screen...Including You!

Record your screen. Include your webcam if you like. Or upload an existing MP4 video to send and track.

Anyone Can Record Screenshot Video -- It's Easy!

Click Record to launch the screen recorder. Choose full screen or a specific region. Use your webcam if you like to make it even more personal.

Easy Editing Tools Built Right In

Cut out the ums and ahs. Add a text overlay or highlight something with a rectangle. Even add background music! Consensus SNAP comes with a set of easy-to-use editing tools.

Attach Documents (Optional)

Attach a proposal. Explain an ROI. Add as many (or as few) documents as you’d like.

Add Viewers' Names

Add the names of those who will see the personalized landing page so you can track exactly which stakeholders are watching your video.

Notify Multiple Team Members for Better Team Selling

Consensus SNAP always notifies you when any stakeholder views or shares. Add as many others on your team as well. Are you an SDR and want the AE to be notified? Add them. Want your boss to see engagement on a key account? Add them too.

Copy Your Custom Link

Create a custom thumbnail, text, or CSS button link. Paste it into your email, LinkedIn, live chat, or wherever you are engaging with your prospect.

Your Prospect Sees a Personalized Landing Page

Increase engagement by sending your prospects to a personalized landing page.

Your Video Plays in a Beautiful Player

Customize the player theme, colors, and logo. The Consensus player surrounds your video with documents (if attached), contact information, and key call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Track Engagement and Sharing

Track who is engaging, for how long, and who they are sharing it with. Discover and engage other stakeholders quickly.

I spent 7 minutes recording a video answer to a question from our main contact at Oracle. Within 24 hours the video was shared and 11 other stakeholders engaged, including the global VP for that business unit.

Six weeks later we were in that VP’s office in London closing two expansion deals. I was stunned by what resulted from so little effort!

Garin Hess

CEO, Consensus

minutes spent recording

minutes of combined video engagement time

stakeholders engaged in 24 hours

expansion deals closed as a result