Infographics are fun learning tools that make information easy to digest. Infographics communicate ideas efficiently.That’s what DemoChimp is all about:  communicating ideas, even (and especially) ones that can be complicated, simply and effectively to facilitate sales. It makes sense to us to use our communication resources to product helpful infographics tailored to our customer audience: sales and marketing leaders. We’ll publish business-related, sales-related and general technology-related infographics here on a regular basis, so check back often.

Cost of Demoing Infographic

Sales Funnel and Cost of Demo Infographic

Doing demos can be costly. Here are some factors consider regarding the inefficiency that demos can add to the sales cycle

History of Selling Infographic

History of Selling Infographic

Selling products has evolved over the course of this world’s history. This infographic shows the major developments in sales history.