Acting Tips for Connecting On-Camera

Julie Hansen
Founder, Performance Sales & Training

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Now, more than ever, it’s time to master your on-camera skills in order to build and strengthen relationships with buyers.

If you’re intimidated by the camera, not sure if you’re doing it right, or feel just plain awkward, you are not alone. But you can appear and feel more confident and credible by adopting the same techniques that actors use to successfully transition from stage to screen.

In this upcoming session, actor and demo coach Julie Hansen shares acting secrets to help you overcome your fear of the camera and start using video successfully to connect with customers.

You will learn:

  • The secret to “being natural” on-camera
  • How to create eye contact with your customer
  • Why certain movements and gestures don’t work on-camera
  • How to incorporate video into your demo

And much more!

About the Presenter

Julie Hansen is the author of Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro! Julie brings a performance mindset to technical demonstrations and presentations through her company Performance Sales and Training. Julie worked as a professional actor, appearing in over 50 plays, commercials, films and television shows. Julie is also a Certified Great Demo! affiliate and has trained thousands of pre-sales professionals around the world over the past decade.