7 Habits of Highly Effective PoCs

Tony Matos
Director of Sales Engineering, Citrix

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Presales professionals must manage the appropriate focus on technology, processes and people in a PoC. Often technology is valued more than the process and people aspect of a PoC. In this session, we will consider seven habits that bring better alignment to the processes related to managing a PoC while cultivating relationships with the people involved with a PoC. With these seven habits, a presales professional can build further trust with their customer to deliver a world-class PoC experience.

About the Presenter

Tony Matos is a solutions-focused senior executive with more than 25 years of success in the computer software industry. He initially began a career within IT in the financial services industry. Tony has worked with leading enterprise software organizations, including Siebel Systems, BusinessObjects, SAS and Citrix. He has experience in building high-performance teams and applying best practices that reduce the busy work of the presales role. His broad areas of expertise include sales engineering management, marketing automation, and building strong teams.

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