The 4 Personas SEs Encounter and How to Manage Difficult Personalities

Paul Chapman
Sr. Manager Solutions Consulting, ServiceNow

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In this session:

– Learn the Four Major Disruptive Personalities in a demo.
– Learn Techniques to Overcome these disruptions.
– Learn to align your Product, Philosophy, and Personality.

Hear case studies of Success and Failures.
We often deal with disruptive personalities that de-rail our original script and lead to lack luster impressions. For some of us, these individuals cause increased anxiety, increase nervousness, or just anger us which then leads to loss of control, credibility and finally, it sinks the presentation.

Just remember, managing disruptive personalities is a skill that can be taught. This session is meant to be a framework for building your skill. As with your demos you must internalize the approach and make this your own with your own spin on these techniques.

About the Presenter

Paul Chapman is passionate about Pre-Sales and growing High Performing teams and has done so successfully over the past 20 years. Currently at ServiceNow and recently at Pegasystems, Paul focused on helping his teams maximize their opportunities. Of the many education programs Paul was involved with over the years; it has been Managing Disruptive Personalities that has delivered amazing results for novice and seasoned Pre-Sales engineers and consultants.

After determining what to show and how to show your solution; you need to communicate that to other humans. Many of those you are presenting to have a different agenda; from a desire not to be in the meeting at all to wanting a competing product to win. This set of soft skills helps you as the Pre-Sales Technical resource navigate that reality while presenting your solution.