Presales Everywhere: Expanding Presales’ Value and Reach Throughout the Entire Buying Process

Kevin O’Brien
Global Vice President, SAP

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Review how Interactive Video is allowing SAP Presales to not only do more with less but expand value delivered across the entire supply chain of selling. Traditionally Presales supported the internal sales organization. Interactive video allows us to touch the customer directly and support every organization that interacts with the customer — from marketing, demand gen, sales, services and customer renewals.

About the Presenter

For most of my career I’ve worked on customer facing digital transformation projects, but in the current role I lead SAP’s Global General Business Presales and Virtual Experience organization. In the general business Presales role, I lead the global GTM strategy and execution. The Virtual Experience team I lead is responsible for designing and integrating leading edge technologies, such as rich media, to transform how SAP works with its customers.