Panel: Presales KPIs You Need to Know and Leverage

Freddy Mangum
CEO, Hub

Delia Parman
Senior Director, Solutions Consulting, Medidata Solutions

David Marsh
VP Global Sales Engineering, MRI Software

Ajay Singh
Head of Presales and Solutions, Americas, IGT Solutions

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How do you measure the effectiveness of your presales team? What activities and metrics do you track and follow to show your team’s impact on the overall pipeline? Join us for a panel discussion on the KPIs you should be using to show how your team makes its mark on your business.

About the Presenters

Freddy Mangum is CEO of Hub. We exist to help sales engineers, presales and solution architects win more business by providing a platform where both leaders and individual contributors can perform their daily work activities more effectively.

Delia is passionate about Presales, committed to leading others to success, and a lifelong learner.

David Marsh currently serves as the Vice-President for Global Sales Engineering at MRI Software. He leads a team of talented sales engineers across the globe as they help drive the MRI flywheel. MRI is a real-estate SaaS [aka PropTech] company headquartered in Solon, Ohio – he is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ajay leads Americas Presales team for IGT Solutions and he is focused on developing business process and digital solutions for Customer Experience & Customer Engagement. He has lead development of digital solutions and customer engagement roadmaps for global brands across the globe. With a rich exposure of working with clients across 15 countries from east to west, Ajay has a deep interest in understanding corporate buying behavior, and how it changes from one culture to other, and how ‘articulation of messages’ work in various cultures. Ajay believes Sales and PreSales are ‘two in a box’ and a deep chemistry between both can be a Deal Winning comb.