Improving Qualified Demos through DQL Strategy

Rob Dean
Presales Director, EMEA, Trintech

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Why is it that at most organizations the sales engineering team is pulled on to calls without a second thought? Why, when we carefully measure “marketing qualified leads” and “sales qualified leads” is there no measurement for “demo qualified leads”? With recent research showing that more at least 30% of demos are “unqualified” or “wasted” for most Presales organizations, there is a huge opportunity to improve effeciencies and effectiveness by doubling down on demo qualification.

Come and learn how a Presales team selling into large enterprise reduced wasted demos from 50% to less than 5% by qualifying with automation and using a DQL (Demo Qualified Lead) strategy.

About the Presenter

Rob Dean is currently EMEA Pre-Sales Director for Trintech Inc. Prior to this position, Rob has held a variety of Pre-Sales roles in the SaaS technology space from creating and developing the Pre-Sales function for a start-up, to leading teams of high-performing SC’s. He also spent over 15 years in various sales positions including Director of Sales, EMEA for Gartner. Rob is passionate about driving excellence in Pre-Sales, using new technologies that support the profession and holds an MSc in Management of Business IT.