How SalesForce Uses Demo Automation to Scale Presales

Iman Maghroori
Master Solution Engineer,

Rex Galbraith
Vice President of Sales, Consensus

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In this session you’ll learn how SalesForce uses Consensus demo automation software and content strategy to scale presales. Iman Maghroori lives on the front lines of the change happening inside the sales engineering organization as they build reusable libraries of interactive video demos that automatically personalize at scale to each persona. Learn from someone who has been through, and is still helping to lead the change to equip presales and sales with state-of-the-art demo automation tools inside a large organization.

During this session you will learn:
– The SE dilemma: trying to keep up with demand
– Why you should use interactive video demos to scale your presales and sales teams
– An overview of how Consensus intelligent demo automation works
– Ideas for effectively building out product video content for automated demos
– Tips to get your SEs to quickly and easily create demo video recordings
– Recommendations for rollout to increase adoption

About the Presenters

Iman has spent the last several years helping executives and business users understand the value that can bring to their business.

Iman truly see his platform as a way to unlock an organization’s full potential. He is passionate about his company, his mission, and his

Rex is fortunate enough to have experienced Enterprise SaaS selling as a rep and a leader. His sales experience includes hiring & training sales teams, Start-Ups, SaaS, International travel and selling, Building team compensation plans, Forecasting, and Account-Based Selling.

Rex’s greatest accomplishment is being blessed to being a husband to his wife Megan and being called “dad” to 3 amazing children.

Rex is fascinated with sales and self-education audiobooks (audible) and finishes 2-3 a month.