Getting Everyone On Board & The Organizational Shift of Alignment

Tara Merry
Vice President Solutions Consulting, Infor

Mark McKinlay
Director, Solution Consulting, Infor

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Are you interested in enhancing your customer’s buying journey with digital demo experiences? Are you considering making a portion of your demos available ‘on-demand’? The extension of traditional pre-sales activities continues to expand, as digital demo content is used more broadly. Curious about what it takes to achieve stakeholder buy-in, adoption, and organizational change management? Join us for an engaging discussion focused on these topics … sharing stories, and addressing questions meaningful to you.

About the Presenters

Tara Merry is a cross-functional leader and outcome-based general manager, who excels at leading through complex and ambiguous challenges, and digital transformation. She has a strong foundation in supply chain and information systems, paired with years of experience in strategic and product marketing, along with product and general management. Tara currently leads a dynamic team of THE MOST amazing solution consultants on this planet! She is energized to reimagine how pre-sale contributes to drive the business transformations required to meet customers where they are on their digital buyer experience.

Mark McKinlay leads a Solution Consulting transformation role within Infor. With over 15 years in the world of PreSales, across several enterprise software organisations, he truly believes he has found his “Professional Home”. Building on real world consulting background backed with the practical foundations of being a Procurement and Supply Chain leader and practitioner in the Hi Tech industry, he is somewhat “gamekeeper turned poacher” and loves to bring an alternate perspective to the table in the pursuit of virtuous cycles of mutual benefit to all parties.