Creating a Differentiated B2B Buying Experience to Increase Sales Yields

Shaked Vax
Worldwide Sales Engineering Leader, IBM

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The B2B sales process takes an advanced GPS to navigate through successfully. At the same time, clients are not happy with it because they need to work hard to buy and integrate new solutions into their organizations. Shaked is going to share methodologies and strategies to cut through months of conversations and ensure clients time-to-value with solutions is decreased dramatically.

About the Presenter

Shaked Vax is a business, strategy and technical leader with expertise in cybersecurity & fraud. Over the past 20 years he led multiple cybersecurity and identity fraud offerings to establish eight-figures new revenue streams and increase their results by hundreds of percent.

As a subject matter expert, he is developing methodologies and tools to accelerate B2B sales and clients success with their investment. He has extensive experience in online-fraud and digital-identity risks detection.
Shaked carries a Cum-laude MBA focused on business strategy and entrepreneurship and dabbles as a Lighting Designer for theater and rock concerts.

In his early day, he was a Team Leader for the Bomb Squad with the Israeli Defense Force specializing in terrorists’ explosive device inspection and handling.