Blurred Lines

Guro McCrea
VP of Growth – Global, New Relic, Inc.

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It used to be easy. Customer wanted to buy something, you did a demo, maybe proof of concept, customer signed the order, and Done. Off to the next one.

Then cloud came along and so did subscriptions, and all of a sudden customer success became more important. And with consumption, even more. So how do you make sure you spend your time on revenue generating activities and that you’re not just stuck in some problem solving and enablement world that frankly you’d like to hand off to someone else?

About the Presenter

As VP of Growth at New Relic, Guro works across all of Go To Market leadership – from Sales to Customer Adoption to Partners, Marketing and Pre-sales – to tie it all together. She has one primary goal: To make as many Account Executives successful as possible. New Relic recently moved to a Consumption model, so Guro will share learnings, tips and tricks from this journey.

Guro has over 15 years’ experience in the Tech industry, and she has been in various roles in Sales, Presales, Professional Services and Product Management.