Content Creation Services

Creating engaging content that accurately demonstrates your product and provides your prospects a vivid understanding of what you are selling them is a crucial element of building effective product demo videos.  A significant element of the Consensus strategy for helping companies accelerate their sales process and educate potential customers is content creation.  Our company is staffed with skilled content development specialists who handle everything from writing effective scripts to hiring voice actors to creating and coordinating placement of images and videos so that your prospects and customers will be super impressed.

Product Video Creation

To use Consensus’ amazing platform you need some great product videos. If you don’t have videos already, don’t worry, Consensus’ Content Creation Team can help! We are experts at creating demo videos that are effective, and designed perfectly for integration with our Consensus platform.

Introductory Videos

An intro video is a very short overview that introduces the more conceptual elements of your product. The intro video answers the question: “Why should the prospect care that your company or solution exists?” Our team of writers and video production experts will generate an intro video that will leave your customers with a great first impression and will have them begging for more.

Content Videos

Content videos go more in-depth and demonstrate specific features or benefits and answer questions like,  “Will this product solve my specific needs?” and “Do I think I would enjoy using this product?”
You might be thinking,  “Our product is complex. How could Consensus create content for my product and do it effectively?” We follow a specific persuasion methodology to ensure each video is effective and a proven project management process to ensure it meets your unique needs.


Our methodology is designed to both explain AND persuade. We point out the problem, show your solution to that problem, promote the benefits, then follow up with a demonstration. Finally we conclude by restating and reinforcing the benefits.

Satisfaction Guarantee

How can you be sure you’ll be happy with the outcome? Our innovative project management and review process ensures that you’ll love your videos. In fact, we guarantee it, or your money back!

Content Generation Timeline

How long does it take? In most cases, we can get your entire demo, including intro video and content videos, ready in just a few weeks.

Let Consensus’ experts create your demo videos for you. We guarantee you’ll love your finished demo, and we’ll get it done quickly so you can start getting a great return on your investment as soon as possible.

For more details about our unique content generation processes check out the video below and fill out the contact request form.

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