Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Privacy, Security, & Global Settings

Alex Edwards
Head of Client Success, Consensus

November 12 @ 12 p.m. Mountain Time (US)


Have you ever wondered how you can keep your demos safe and secure? In this session we’ll talk about what’s available to users today to ensure your demos don’t get into the wrong hands. We will also pull back the curtain and give you some examples of how we’ll be updating our security features in the future.

About Alex:

Born and bred in the heart of Utah, Alex has spent his professional career on the frontline, supporting, enabling and building relationships with his clients.

While working for a neighboring company, Alex played a chance game of Pickleball with some good friends (and former colleagues). Little did he know it would lead him to join forces with Consensus a few months later. For the past 5 years, Alex has managed some of Consensus’ largest and most successful accounts. He now spends his time split between managing accounts and running the Client Success Team.

When not working, you can find Alex drawing, reading a Stephen King novel, or spending time with his lovely wife and two adorable girls.