BuyerBoard Tutorial Video

BuyerBoard puts the power of Demolytics™ in the hands of the internal champion. BuyerBoard is a demo analytics dashboard that allows the internal champion to see how other stakeholders in their buying group are interacting with their personalized, automated demo video.

Powerful Tools

Share BuyerBoard with the internal champion and other members of the buying group to help determine where they are aligned and misaligned in their unique needs.

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View BuyerBoard analytics straight from the demo; see who else it has been shared with, and whether or not they’ve already viewed it, right from the demo’s side bar. Click the Analytics icon to open up the full BuyerBoard.

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View heatmaps in the BuyerBoard that show each viewer’s level of engagement throughout each feature of the demo video. Heatmaps are provided per view, so you can see exactly how they engaged with the demo features every single time they viewed them.

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