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Personally engage stakeholders anytime, anywhere

Quickly record your webcam or anything else on your screen. Attach resources such as white papers, proposals, presentation decks. Then track how your prospect engages and shares with other stakeholders.

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“This saves a ton of work. The demos sell when you are sleeping.”

Steve Richard
Founder & CRO, ExecVision


“Simple! and as a busy field rep this is one of the most convenient and powerful things to use. Thank you!!”

Broc Hennessy
Field Account Executive, Renaissance Learning


“I can say, it’s extremely easy to get going and editing is kind of fun.”

Thomas Gavaghan
Manager, NORAM Presales at Kyriba


“CONSENSUS is great for connecting with those prospects that are hard to get in front of. Being able to know when they open a demonstration and what they’ve viewed is critical for me, and allows for a much more personalized approach.”

Kayla Wagner
Renaissance Learning


“At ConnectAndSell, CONSENSUS helped us reach extreme sales velocity. By combining CONSENSUS’ intelligent demo automation system with ConnectAndSell Lightning, our BDR’s set as many appointments in a day as they used to in a week. This one-two punch helped us dramatically accelerate our success.”

Chad Burmeister
Former VP, Sales and Marketing – ConnectAndSell

I spent 7 minutes recording a video answer to a question from our main contact at Oracle. Within 24 hours the video was shared and 11 other stakeholders engaged, including the global VP for that business unit.

Six weeks later we were in that VP’s office in London closing two expansion deals. I was stunned by what resulted from so little effort!

Garin Hess

CEO, Consensus

minutes spent recording

minutes of combined video engagement time

stakeholders engaged in 24 hours

expansion deals closed as a result