B2B Buying Enablement - Your Complete Guide

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What Is Buyer Enablement?

Buyer enablement is a way to accelerate B2B  sales by focusing on what the buyer needs to make a fast, confident purchase decision instead of focusing on what you’re doing as a sales rep. Part of buyer enablement means equipping the internal champion to do the selling for you. This is a different mentality than typical B2B sales where the account executive believes they are the one selling, when in reality it is really the buyer that is doing the selling for you inside their own organization. In this case we’re using the term “buyer” loosely because your internal champion may not be the  one actually signing the deal, but they are the change agent inside the target organization that will promote your product or solution internally.

Getting Good at Buyer Enablement

To enable buyers you need to:

  • Understand the B2B buying process
  • Exert leadership in the B2B buying process by guiding the buyer through the process
  • Equip the champion with buyer enablement tools to do the selling for you effectively (and not botch it!)
  • Leverage buying enablement technology to discover and engage the different stakeholders in the buying group
  • Help the internal champion answer questions, resolve concerns, and drive alignment across the different stakeholders in the buying group

To really improve at buyer enablement you need to see yourself as more of a buying coach rather than a seller. You’re the one who has been through the buying process, not your buyer.

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