How to create professional sales videos with your iPhone

How to create professional sales videos with your iPhone

You can create effective sales videos with your iPhone. Sales videos don’t have to be complicated or expensive to work. In fact, seven movies have been shot using an iPhone. You can use your iPhone to create high-quality, effective sales videos. If you put a little effort into the setting in which you are shooting as well as invest in a few key iPhone add-ons, you will be able to get all the benefits of a B2B sales and marketing video at an affordable price. The following are some tips, best practices and useful add-ons that will enable you to create sales videos with your iPhone.


Shoot your video in front of a window. Shooting your video in ample natural light is the best, but if you can’t shoot in front of a window, then consider a softboxlighting system. Mixing your lighting sources such as LED, halogen and CFL (fluorescent) can be problematic because different lighting techniques have different color temperatures, which refers to the warmness or coolness of the light.

Selecting the correct white balance on your iPhone will eliminate color casts and give your videos accurate color. You should also lock the focus and exposure to keep the video looking consistent. To lock the AE/AF view on the scene that you’ll be shooting, tap and hold onto the main subject until you see the AE/AF lock banner on your screen. To brighten or darken the exposure, swipe up or down on the screen.

Composition recommendations

Don’t allow too much unused space at the top or sides of your video, and use multiple angles and distances. Don’t use the zoom function because that can cause your video to look grainy. Put your phone in Airplane mode to avoid notifications during shooting.


Make sure your camera lens is clean, and always use the back lens for shooting video because it has a higher resolution. Shoot in landscape mode so you are capturing your video in widescreen format.

A/V Quality

The built-in microphone on your iPhone is not great. So for the best sound quality, use an external microphone. There are several to choose from that range from professional studio quality to budget-friendly clip-on lavalier microphones.

Shotgun microphones are directional microphones that reduce peripheral sounds. You might want to consider using this type of microphone if there will be other ambient sounds during your shoot. A tripod or stabilizer will help you keep the video from looking choppy. A steadicam or gimbal is recommended if you will be shooting video on the move. If you are shooting outdoors, you will need a wind blocker, sometimes called a dead cat wind muff, to minimize any wind noise. Before you shoot, do a system check on your microphone.

External lenses that fit over your phone’s lens are nice if you want to shoot wide-angle, macro, fisheye, polarizer or 2x telephoto shots. Your best investment would be a lens kit that gives you the flexibility of having many lens options along with good image quality. Amazon has a nice comparison feature so you can compare lens kit price and features.

Upload your video

You can upload and distribute your sales video on the Consensus platform and use our Demolytics™ dashboard to track your video viewer analytics. You can also capture leads directly within the demo experience.