4 More Benefits to Sales and Marketing Alignment

When you’re in B2B sales, you know how important it is for the transfer from marketing to sales to be smooth and efficient. When that process is clunky, it is very easy for once-promising leads to turn into useless prospects. However, if you align your sales and marketing strategies, you are likely to enjoy at least four benefits.

A clearer picture of revenue goals

By aligning sales and marketing, both departments will have a much clearer picture of the company’s revenue goals. Each department uses different metrics for success: The sales department focuses its attention on the number of sales appointments set and lead generation activities, while the marketing department focuses on its marketing activities and their conversion. When both departments combine their efforts, they align around the company’s overall revenue goals.

Streamlined activities

Many companies spend more time than necessary reviewing information from their marketing and sales departments that is best dealt with as a single unit. Goals that suit the needs of both marketing and sales departments help streamline processes, making selling easier. One example of this streamlining is keeping uniform profiles of your leads throughout both the marketing and sales processes. By treating the marketing and sales processes as one cohesive process, you can both avoid a lot of needless, unproductive activities and better understand what your buyers want.

Better understanding of buyer behavior

Aligning your sales and marketing goals helps you achieve a far greater understanding of your buyers’ actions. One of the biggest issues that affects many buyers is a feeling of being passed off to the sales department too quickly in the very early stages, which can often be disorienting and is usually a turn-off. When both parts of the buying process are treated as part of the whole instead of separate stages, your company will gain the valuable insights about the buyer that you need to help close the sale.

More appropriate content

Good sales and marketing alignment can help create content that is more likely to result in engagement. One of the things that often interferes with a prospective buyer deciding to purchase is content that attempts to sell before presenting necessary facts. Aligning the marketing and sales processes makes it easier to tailor the materials to the buyer’s stage and needs.

Aligning your marketing and sales activities will do a world of good for your company. The marketing and sales processes will cease competing, and will instead work together symbiotically, bringing about better results for all your efforts. Consensus offers the tools you need to align your processes. Visit us today to learn how we can help.