3 Tricks to Offering Gimmick-free Special Deals

B2B sales and marketing teams face the challenge of finding gimmick-free ways to offer special deals to clients. Often, it is difficult to make discounts or limited-time offers sound appealing when you are dealing with complex solutions, long sales cycles, and the involvement of multiple people. Most prospects are turned off by anything that comes across as a gimmick. Below are a few tricks to make your services sound more appealing:

1. Offer a Free Beta Trial

If you’re launching a new solution, offer a free Beta trial. This is a sleek way to get customers using your new solution. Instead of paying gimicky b2b sales dealssolution testers, let clients evaluate a Beta version for free and pass product testing savings back.

Users are excited to be part of something new. Make them feel like innovators as they take advantage of the newest technology available. Create easy ways for Beta customers to share feedback with you. This will make your customers feel valued and help you improve your product.

2. Give Something Special to Champion Buyers

Remember your champion buyers with something special. Every buying group you work with should benefit from the services you provide, but offering something personal to your champion buyers can help build even stronger relationships.

Every company has a person in the organization championing the deal. Offer him/her swag or a gift card, as a personal touch. Offering clients desirable and useful company “gear” with your logo is a great way to show customer appreciation and further promote your business.

3. Use “Flash” Sales to Promote Services

Create special “flash” deals. Flash deals are very short deals offering exceptional savings. By offering 15-minute windows of time for online buyers to take advantage of special deals, you will create a sense of urgency around buying your solution, accelerating B2B sales.

Sharing details of when the flash sale will happen is a great way of creating social media buzz. To engage followers, you can create eye-catching social media posts letting followers know you will be offering a special soon. Inform them when you will be announcing the start time, and suggest they turn on your notifications to receive details.

Promoting often complex solutions throughout long sales cycles can be difficult, but it is worth the effort. Customers appreciate honesty. B2B reps must be genuine and honest and remember to deliver on promises in a timely fashion. The simple ideas above will help you offer your services in a creative way and prevent special deals coming across as gimmicks.