3 Tips for Accelerating B2B Sales

B2B sales is one of the toughest jobs in town. Decisions are made by committee; potential customers rely on a variety of information, some of which may be incorrect; customers often do not even know when they are going to make a purchasing decision. Here are three guidelines that may help you find and secure your next deal.

Reach all decision makers in the buying group

According to CEB research, the average buying group has an average of 6.8 stakeholders. If you want to be successful in getting your products or services considered, you are going to have to tailor your pitch to seven different people. One way to accomplish this is to use intelligent demo automation, a system that allows you to cater your sales pitch to each stakeholder on the committee and address their specific concerns and objections. Personalizing your sales pitch is the best way to let your future customers see how you can help them.

Help customers help you

This might be the information age, with tons of data available on the internet through review sites and first person testimonials, but the real power lies within more old fashioned methods: word of mouth and direct referrals. Your existing customers already know how you have helped them, so give them an opportunity to share their good news with their friends, coworkers, and industry colleagues. A well thought out and executed customer referral plan can help increase word-of-mouth advertising and give your organization the kind of clients you need.

Know where you’re meeting your buyer

The average major capital or operations purchase takes months to come to fruition. According to Lewis Miller, CEO of Ovidian, buyers are already 50-60 percent into their purchasing processes by the time you speak with them. When you finally come into the picture, you need to be able to give them the information they need without rehashing older topics. Using a customized sales presentation management system is key to making sure that your target purchasing committee is getting the information it needs to make the right decision.

When reaching out to potential customers, it is always important to use the best tools available. Using Consensus demo automation can give your company the edge it needs to more effectively communicate how its product or service can meet their needs in a unique and personal way. Take the time to learn what demo automation software can do for you.