Demo Analytics (Demolytics)

Understanding Customer Intentions With Web Analytics

Web analytics has come a long way over the past decade. Sales teams continually seek to better understand their customers’ motives so they can address specific needs with the purpose of improving the sales process and converting more website visitors into closed deals.  No matter how good Google Analytics and other web analytics solutions have become at segmenting user behavior and uncovering trends, it’s still impossible to understand and address individual concerns that may cause a potential customer to stop short of becoming a converted lead or closed deal.

Google Analytics Website Reporting Dashboard

Traditional analytics about website visitors and other potential customers can only take you so far.  As people navigate through your website and evaluate your product offering, do you know what features they are most interested in?  Why do some sign up for your website offer and some don’t? You can get answers to questions like these using CONSENSUS™.

Using Product Demos to Sell

The most common barrier that prevents visitors to your website from becoming customers is the lack of understanding of how your product benefits them. Today’s shoppers, even in the virtual world, expect to be able to see, feel, and almost touch the products they’re considering for purchase.  Publishing informative, useful, instructive, and interactive demonstrations of your product remove purchasing barriers from your potential customers and give them a reason to decide to buy from you. Providing quality product demo videos to customers has been proven to increase conversions and to shorten the sales cycle, especially for products that can be complicated to explain in writing.

Creating and publishing instructional product demos to potential customers takes them well down the road to conversion.

But after they’ve seen your product demo, how do you remove any remaining barriers from your customers?

Introducing “Demolytics”

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With the CONSENSUS demo analytics tools, salespeople can see how each potential customer responded to a product demo, such as which features they marked as important, so they know how to meet each person’s unique needs. But it doesn’t stop there. CONSENSUS also rolls up each response into an analytics dashboard so you can gain broader product insights. We call these Demolytics.

Demolytics allow you to not only track the conversion rate for your product demo,  but also to see which features are most important to your customers.  Demolytics provides insights into your website visitors’ main objections so that you can address those objections on a more personal basis than what is possible using the popular web analytics tools.

Our Demolytics allow you to understand customer response to each of your product demos.  You can also apply filters that provide useful perspectives on the data.

DemoChimp's Product Demo Analytics

You can track your demo’s impact using the Conversion Detail tab,which allows you to see how many views it has had, and where those views came from. You can also track your demo conversions and conversion rate. The time period filter will help you identify trends in these numbers.

The Features Detail page gives you rich information about which features are important to your potential customers.  Here you can see how each feature compares to the others, helping you make important product, marketing, and sales decisions.

The CONSENSUS demo analytics reporting suite includes other product demo evaluation data that you can use to remove sales barriers and move your leads closer to being closed deals.

Demolytics provide a new data source for managers to make important product, marketing, and sales decisions. You can only get it from CONSENSUS.

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